Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Retail Therapy.....

So for those of you who know and don't know mom and dad stopped here on their way to Daytona this past weekend. Shawn & I were excited to show them parts of the city they hadn't seen before and were in the midst of doing that when at the first stop we were out of the car for about 25 minutes, come back, I get in the car and my side WINDOW IS SMASHED OUT... So I immediately look down and grab my purse YUP the dirtball got my wallet AND mom's wallet... I was soooo upset that my parents had come to spend time with us and instead we spend it with a Private Investigator "Joe" as dad swore his name was when ACTUALLY it was Jones but hey it gave us a laugh at a tough time... The perp got off with ALLLLL of my identity (okay okay lecture me including my social security card) all of my credit cards/license/student id/$250 cash and I most recently realized TWO BRAND NEW rolls of stamps... From mom he got $500 cash/checkbook/credit cards/license and other things that I can't recall... We have kind of narrowed who did it down to some homeless man who I think I saw fleeing the scene but didn't put two & two together until later... Above all I am obviously thankful that no one was hurt and it was just possessions BUT it is a pain to stop all accounts and receive all new information ESPECIALLY for my mom who is now in Florida for 4 months... GRRRrrr I honestly was more upset that this jerk took precious time that I was supposed to spend with my parents away from me... Above all I was embarrassed to live in a place that my parents can't visit without something like this happening... Yes I realize that it there were some things that we should have done ie take our purses with us but honestly it was 3:30 in the afternoon... SOOOO to the man/woman that stole my time away whom I am sure can't even read this because of not being able to read/can't afford a computer I EXTREMELY DISLIKE YOU!!!

SOooo when my parents left yesterday I was in dire need of some retail therapy with the only thing that the person didn't get my Wedding Checkbook!!... So I took myself (plastic bag window and all) up to the bridal shop Bella Vista and found some lovely things!!... I ordered my four flowergirl baskets and two ringbearer pillows... I also found a garter set that I fell in love with and got... I also found hairclips to go in the back of my hair.. AND a headband upon request of my favorite hairstylist Jill!!... I was extremely excited because I have seen thousands of these items and NONE of them have caught my eye. I wasn't to the point of being discouraged I was just beginning to think that I was going to have to settle on something I wasn't IN LOVE with... Here are some pictures that I took this morning because I can not STOP looking at the items and LOVE them to death!! ENJOY!!... PS miss you mom & dad... See you next weekend!!!(Oh because since the time was short I am taking a trip down to see them Next weekend!!) :)