Monday, June 25, 2012

So Ridiculously Late... NINE MONTHS:)

Well if we are being technical you are extremely close to Ten months at this point... But I finally had time to upload your nine months pictures!!... You are so incredibly funny and we laugh all day long... You still take three naps a day and sleep through the night... So that means a happy baby and a happy mommy & daddy!!.. You are the greediest baby ever when it comes to food... If you hear as much as a wrapper crinkle you are all over that person... Hilarious yet semi embarassing!! You are not starving chunky monkey!!.. We still haven't tried dairy again per the suggestion of your doctor... Since we tried to switch you back to a regular formula when you were six months old and your little body rejected it, she says that you have a better chance to be okay with whole milk when you turn one if we keep dairy from you now... I hope so because i would really prefer for you to be on a regular milk versus a soy!! As far as other foods, you pretty much LOVE everything.. I'm not kidding, EVERYTHING... Although citrusy fruits seem to not be agreeing with you right now... You LOVE fruits, especially Watermelon, blueberries, mandarin oranges, bananas and pears... You have finally started to eat meats, all meats and you still love all of your veggies.. See, I wasn't kidding you my boy love to eat... Thankfully daddy and I are trying to keep you on a healthy eating regiment and you are agreeing with all of it!! You take three, eight ounce bottles a day and I have began the process of switching you to sippy cups... It isn't going to be hard, I'm pretty sure you would have switched a long time ago if I would have let you!! You have mastered crawling and pull up ON EVERYTHING... You have started to push behind a shopping cart at school but I am pretty sure I am boycotting getting you any type of push toy for home... SLOW DOWN!! Your vocabulary is growing: Da-da, Daddy, Ma-ma, Mommy, Nannie, Ziggy, Kitty, Quack-Quack,Ba-ba, Bye-Bye... Daddy is so proud he taught you how to clap and he taught you this past weekend where your nose is... I don't think you fully have your own nose location down but you LOVE to find daddy's!!... You weigh 24 pounds and are 29 inches long... You are mostly in 12-18 everything... But can definitely fit in 18 months one piecers and pj's... You were size 4 night time diapers and size 4 day diapers!!... You have a pretty stellar 10 months birthday coming up and some pretty amazing events coming up to go along with it!!.. You will be baptized on July 7th, which also happens to be daddy's 29th birthday!!.. That weekend also kicks off our two weeks stay with nannie and poppie, WE CAN'T WAIT FOR THAT!!!... Until next month sweet baby boy!!! We love you oh so much!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


You are so close to walking... Put something in front of you while you are standing, forget it, you are GONE!!... We thought you were a fast mover crawling, YIKES you are not going to walk baby boy you will be constantly running... Hopefully you will run this lingering baby weight right off of mommy!!! :) Love you little man!!