Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hurts my Heart...

I accidentally happened across a bedtime ritual that I knew nothing of, about 2 months ago... Since my days consist of Logan, Logan, Logan (and seven other babes), bedtime is usually daddy's time with Logan.. Bath (which he still loves), Lotion down (which he still hates), pj's, bottle.. BUT there is something so special that Shawn started with Logan in between pj's and bottle... There is a picture of Nannie, Poppie and Logan from the day that he was born that sits on the bookshelf... It has always been there because with the distance I always have wanted Logan to recognize Nannie and Poppie without showing any signs of shyness.. (Skype is a blessing and I truly believe that Logan has formed a special bond with them regardless of miles) Now what I happened upon was Shawn showing Logan the picture every night and saying Night Night to Nannie/Poppie... That in itself choked me up... I can't help but hurt when I think of what an even more special bond this little man would have with them if we were closer... I remember growing up and watching friends with extremely involved grandparents at every function and couldn't help but think how nice a bond like that would be... I know if we were closer Logan would have that with my parents and that makes my heart hurt for him and for them.. NOW in case you haven't teared up yet this video will get you... This was the next thing that just put me straight over the edge... Good Luck with the whole dry eyes thing!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Logantales: Lower the Crib

This was taken about three weeks ago!!.. But it is still cute just the same... We have come to find out that Logan is a very quick learner... As in you show him something once and he is on board copying you... Shawn has been learning this the hard way by teaching Logan some naughty tricks... Insert: This trick caused us to have to lower the crib to its lowest level!! Enjoy

Friday, May 4, 2012

Eight Months!!

Hey my sweet guy!!.. I am so sorry for the lack of posts on my part... To say daddy and I have had no extra time is an understatement... I mean to post, I really do!! In fact I have over 1,000 pictures on my phone, even more on the computer and over 25 videos on my phone that were all meant for amazing blogs!!.. As you can see they didn't make it but they will all make it to your scrapbook... Well hopefully, because that also hasn't been started but I plan on it:)... Anyways, YOU ARE EIGHT MONTHS OLD!! I really, really, REALLY hate that!! You are getting so big and I feel like you are graduating college tomorrow, so please slow down... I can't help but be excited for all the advances you have taken in the past couple of months... You are totally moving, and have been since the beginning of April.. You do a funky army crawl, but have start rocking on your knees. Trust me the army crawl gets you where you want to go... Along with this crawl came the realization that you are going to be extremely hard to discipline... Seriously when we tell you "No sir, Logan", you literally snap your head to look at us, get really excited with your whole body and then give a devilish smirk, YIKES!!.. You had a couple weeks of rough sleeping, by rough sleeping I mean like up every 45 minutes, DOUBLE YIKES... That was not fun and probably the worst coupld of weeks of your 8 months life!! THANKFULLY problem was solved with you popped your first tooth and then the second very quickly followed a couple of days later... I sure hope that the rest of your teeth just sneak in because those weeks of hard, grumpy, upset teething, were miserable for all parties involved.. Thank you for going back to your 9-7 sleep schedule, everyone in your life thanks you because we were one nasty Smaciak family for a minute!!
Some stats for you: You weigh around 24 pounds, chunkamunk!! You LOVE food I mean seriously, it is almost sickening how much you love food.. You want anything and everything you can get your hands on.. Your favorites are FRUITS!! It has been hard getting you back on veggies and meat because you had a stomach virus (throwing up everywhere, YUCK) for a good weekend and you were on a strict, bland diet for a couple of days... Nonetheless you are pretty much back to normal... You are pretty much eating all of your meals on your own except some of dinner I still feed you to make sure you are really getting a full belly... Even though you definitely have an intolerance to dairy you FREAK at the site of yogurt, so you have it pretty much every night for dessert (peach, banana and vanilla are your favorites!)... And then you usually spit some of it up leaving behind a nasty spoiled milk smell but we deal to hopefully get your stomach built up to tolerate dairy by the time you need to switch to whole milk (fingers crossed)... You are in size 4 diapers during the day and at night.. You are wearing new night time diapers I found and they are AWESOME.. You used to wake up saturated from a night of pee, now you still wake up wet but these things could hold a flood, they're GREAT!!... You love that you can move around the room at school and feel very cool when your friends try to include you in their play... You LOVE to drink from a sippy cup because that's what all the cool kids are doing and you think you are grown... You LOVE to sit in the highchair to get snack with the bigger kids. You LOVE to be outside, which has been hard because SORRY you have mommy's allergies and they stink!!.. We have always known that you are an animal lover (definitely got that from daddy) from the way you freak at the rare siting of Ziggy cat but we found out that you LOVE dogs.. I mean super freak, spaz out, in a dying laughing kid of way and if by chance that dog give you a slobbery kiss, FORGET IT you are a goner!!.. You honestly made us feel like bad parents for not having a dog but sorry buddy mama is not the "one with nature" kind of girl!!.. Maybe someday, like in the far future, when you can care for it on your own:).. We have found out that you have a T-E-M-P-E-R.. Well, we actually always knew this, excuse the french but you have always had a high pitch pissed off screech when something doesn't go your way.. WELLLLL it has officially gotten worse.. You literally throw yourself back and legs kick on the changing table... I don't really get it because you have never minded the changer before but now NOW my guy you are a little nuts!! This makes me nervous about what the next year will hold!! You have also started sporadically started throwing fits about going to sleep, most of the time we let you cry it out until your fights almost gone and then pat you to sleep but sometimes we have to get stern with you and that breaks my heart but we try to stay strong!!... You have major separation anxiety kicking full blast.. I can barely leave your site before you are flipping out and trembling like I left you for a lifetime.. I don't blame you, I mean we are together every moment of your awake life but I do hope this passes very soon.. You see mama has Aunt Tara's Bacholerette weekend getaway at the end of June and I don't want to be a wreck about you freaking out for daddy for the weekend... He is fully capable of being your one and only for the weekend but you need to take it easy on him!! I am sure you will be a perfect angel!!.. Oh another love is your Nannie & Poppie.. I mean infatuated!! You obviously love every second you get to spend with them, showering them with love and smiles.. But you freak at the site of the computere thinking everytime I open it, Nannie & Poppie will be on the screen waiting for you.. You get super mad if they aren't on the other end to answer our skype calls!! Daddy shows you their picture in your room every night and you smile and say night, night to them... Tonight you actually gave their picture a "kiss" which was more like a lick but you thought you were the bomb for doing it!! I think that is it baby!! We love you so much and you don't even know the joy you bring to our lives!!