Monday, March 26, 2012

Give Me That...

It has become a routine that at bathtime little man rolls and rolls and rolls around in only his diaper on our bed... We also added a bear that nannie got him for one of his showers before he was here!!.. Logan loves it!! It also shows us how close this little guy is to being mobile!!.. Yikes!!.. I love this smiling little goofy boy!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Happy St. Pat's!!!

From our little (semi) Irish Family... At least our first names reflect it!! SOoooo Top O' the Week to ye!! Love Shawn, Shannon & Logan!!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Six Months... Say WHAT?!?!!

A whole half a year old?! When and where did the time go??? I don't know but I certainly DO NOT like it little man, the time is going way too fast!! One of these days our lives may return to normalcy and I may get back on track to actually keeping up with this blog and updating you on your milestones!!... This month you have definitely let your true self shine through... You babble, babble, babble... You blow bubbles... You roll, roll, roll... You laugh, giggle, yelp... You scream, throw tantrums and get really mad... You are one of a kind... You light up every room you are in... We love you oh so much!!
At your six months checkup you weighed 19 pounds 13 ounces (84th percentile) and you were 27 inches long (86th percentile)... You are a big little guy.. Speaking of big your thighs are super chunky and we love them!!... Immediately following your appointment we jammed into the packed truck and headed with Aunt Tara down to see Nannie and Poppie in Daytona for a long weekend!!... You LOVED it... Well you loved MOST of it!!.. Mommy forgot the sleep sheep!! Bad move.. I didn't catch onto that being the problem until Saturday night when you screamed for a straight hour (at first I thought it was a reaction to your shots)... AND THEN it clicked and I jumped on the handy iphone, downloaded a free nature sound app... and VOILA you were snoozing within 1 minute and stayed asleep until 8:00 the next morning!! Now along with that we found out on Monday that there could have been another reason that you were so upset (because this is the first time EVER in your 1/2 year of life that you have cried for that amount of time with no break!!).. We headed to the doctor because there was something just a little off with your manhood... No fear all is well with the area but we did find out that you were most definitely in some pain because of possibly the swim diapers and/or the long car drive which caused a little reattachement.. All is healed thanks to neosporin, aquaphor & advil:) Moving on.. You LOVED the beach and the very cold ocean hitting your feet... You also LOVED the pool!! You cried when we took you out!! We can't wait to go back with you in a couple of weeks for a whole 10 days!!
NOW for the here and now... My poor little man you are a drooling, feverish, teething mess... I feel really bad because you are NOT a cranky baby EVER, even when you are sleepy you are still smiling with your eyes half open... You are in P-A-I-N and until you can break those little suckers through I am afraid little man that I can only distract you with teethers & tablets & benadryl on the gums (that's probably not kosher but it works!!)... As for our six months photo shoot: I got three photos of you smiling (that is ridic because you are the most smilingest baby I know!!)...
Get better little guy okay!? Because you break my heart with the whimpering little noises you make!! WHOOPS: Almost forgot!! You are in Size 4 day time & night time diapers You are in 6-12, 9 months & are pushing 12 months one piece outfits!!! You take 6 ounces of formula 3 times a day and one 8 ouncer at night... You LOVE food... All food even food you used to not like you like now... WHY? Well the answer is simple, you started getting mad at school when your friends were eating lunch so we put you in the highchair and chopped up green beans: You went to town... So this round of baby food making I did half chunky food to feed you and half chopped up enough for you to feed yourself... You love it!! You also love yo baby yogurt, you can't get enough!!... You love snacks, especially Apple Wagon Wheels and Yogurt Melts!!... Things you hate: You still hate getting out of your bath, I wonder if this will be a lifelong thing... You hate when food isn't ready immediately... You hate when it takes me a minute to get your fruits ready after you have had your veggies... You hate store bought food, I have only found one brand that will suffice when we are out and about and I can't bring your made food with us... You hate going to sleep at school, you are afraid you are going to miss something... That will do for now little one... Let's freeze time okay?! We love you so much:)