Thursday, September 29, 2011


Something I forgot... And how could I... This little man has a LEGIT temper... I mean TEMPER!!... Seriously he snaps when something isn't going his way... Here are some of those melt downs...
And where is this temper coming from?!?!.. Your guess is as good as mine BUT something I need to point out... Is it true what they say?!?! RED HAIR?!?!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

One Month...

WOW... Little man it doesn't seem like a month has already gone by... That sure went fast and I am sure that the rest of the months are not going to slow... We have completely rearranged our lives because let's face it this life is now all about Logan and we all live in Logan's World... We wouldn't change it for ANYTHING!! You are the excitement and meaning of our days AND nights!!
You have gotten oh so big in the past four weeks... Mommy has officially put away your newborn clothes, mitts, and small hats:(... That was really hard!! And we don't know when it happened, all of a sudden one morning I put an outfit on you and you could barely move your legs?!.. You were officially out of Newborn diapers pretty much by your 2nd week... You still fit in size 1's but only Pamper's Swaddlers, Huggies Pure & Natural are now too small even though that was all that worked for you for a couple of weeks.. Speaking of trial and errors YIKES on figuring out your stomach... Poor little man, you have a sensitivity to dairy.. We started out breastfeeding and integrating formula at night because big man you were NOT satisfied... From there we switched from Similac Sensitive to Enfamil Newborn which seemed to work... FOR about two days and then we took the next step and switched to Enfamil ProSobee, which is a Soy based formula... We were still breastfeeding as well but the second you switched to Soy you no longer were throwing up EXCEPT when you were breastfeeding SOOOOO as of this past Saturday you are 100% on Soy Formula only and seemed to be doing fantastic... Except for now we are having a problem with the other end?! We feel so bad because of your pain but I promise, once we figure this out you are going to be goooood to go!! You are extremely strong, already rolling from your back to your side and then from your side to your belly... For the past four nights you have been sleeping from Midnight until 5 am and then back down until 8... I never thought that I would say THANK YOU for that outrageous sleep schedule!! You have been very smiley but just a couple of days ago started to smile on command... It melts our hearts and we love it...
Okay Now.. Some of your LOVE's: You LOVE to be on Mommy or Daddy (but we do put you down and your okay with that)... You LOVE your Tummy Time Surfboard & watching The Sing Off from your surfboard!! (Video later)... You LOVE hanging out in your bath... You LOVE to eat (even through your digestive problems you still LOVED to eat) You LOVE to be talked and sang to.. You LOVE to sleep on your belly (even though it makes me nervous) You LOVE to take a late morning nap with mommy... You LOVE to take a late afternoon nap with daddy... You LOVE to skype mostly with Nannie & Poppie but you also LOVE to talk to your cousins & others on skype.. You LOVE to SCOWL... hilarious!! AND HATE's You absolutely HATE to be cold.. *You seriously FLIP after your bath or if your bummy hits a cold surface... You HATE a wet diaper... You HATE or pretend to hate your pacifier until it is in your mouth for a little bit.. You HATE to sleep on your back... You HATE when your food isn't ready the SECOND you want it... You HATE to burp.. You HATE to get lotioned down but sorry little man this early educator knows that the lotion rub downs are good for your brain.. All of your LOVE's and HATE's make you YOU and we love every inch of YOU...

Monday, September 26, 2011

Mr. Luscious Lips Logan


These are some serious lips!!.. We love those lips.. Mommy has given you the nickname Mr. Luscious Lips... I am sure at some point in your life I will not like it if someone else, a girl especially, calls you this BUT right now you are my little luscious lips man:)
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My First Bath..

Thankfully the rest of your cord finally fell off a week and a half ago... I was soooo excited because this meant you could finally get a proper bathy!! Which you now get every other night and for the most part you LOVE... You don't like getting in because your MAJOR hate in life is being cold... I mean blood curdling screams if you are in any sense cold!! Anyways for the majority of the time you love bathy time... And the snuggling with daddy in the towel afterwards.. You even like talking to Nannie & Poppie on skype in your bathy:).. You DO NOT like your lotion down after bathy and of course daddy makes mommy do that part!!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

What Did You Get From Mommy?!..

Well from the second we saw your face on the 4D ultrasound there was no denying that you my dear are your fathers child!! Identical to say the least... The very first moment I laid eyes on you it was like looking at a reflection of your daddy. There have been a couple (by a couple I mean MAYBE two) people that have said "Oh I can see you in him too, Shannon"... I laugh and politely say "I don't think I can agree with you"... But this is okay to me because you are perfect and beautiful to look at always... This is where I come in, there is one minor imperfection.. You my love have been cursed with "The Wright Feet"... I try to say it lovingly but these feet are horrible... You will probably never see Poppie's toes because he keeps those pups locked up in his white socks & sneakers or house shoes... You can thank that man along with his mom, your great-grandma Wright (God rest her soul) for the sad sad excuse of toes that we share:)... I like to say that our toes are soooo ugly that they are sooo cute..<

Catching some Rays:)

When we left the hospital Logan was borderline on the jaundice scale... We had a check up three days later... What they found was no surprise to this mommy. I had noticed starting the day before that little man was turning in to a little orangey man:) So what did we do??.. We caught some rays!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Go Gamecocks:)

Your daddy is pretty crazy when it comes to gameday around The Smaciak household... Literally CRRRRAAAAYYYZAAAAAYY.. People tend to think that playing dress up with babies is limited to little girls & big bows... No no no my little man your daddy has succeeded to go overboard with your Gamecock wardrobe... Mommy even had to go out this weekend and get you another hat because heaven forbid you only had one and you had already dirtied it for the day!!.. Here are some of your little wardrobe changes:)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Just in Case You Didn't Know...

We LOOOOOOOOOOOVE Nannie & Poppie and miss them terribly... One of the worst things in this life is not being able to share everyday with these amazing people... I thought it was bad when I would get homesick... NOW that Logan is here it is magnified by about 120%++++... I hate the fact that as he changes daily that his Nannie & Poppie can't witness it... Skype does ease the pain a little bit but we can't wait for the next visit:)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Welcome Home Logan

When we got home from the hospital Nannie & Poppie had decorated the house to welcome you... It was so sweet and fun to see the house covered in an array of blue!!
Someone else was waiting for you too... Your big brother Ziggy the cat... He has been so curious about all of your things and mommy/daddy were a little unsure at how he would react to you... WELL we soon found out... He LOVES you!! Well more so at first... The first couple of days every time you made a sound Ziggy would come running to mommy and daddy and look at us like "Hello, are you going to do something for him?!".. Then we found out that with you around Ziggy also liked to be around more frequently... He very rarely hides out anymore and is much more vocal about his presence around us!!... Here is your first meeting with Ziggy the cat!!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Discharged... One Day Early!!

After we calmed down from visitors and began to get used to Logan being in the room with us at the hospital, we were ready to BOUNCE... Not that it was uncomfortable, honestly it wasn't that bad BUT the every couple hours of vitals and being woken up was a bit much... So to our amazement by Friday after being in the hospital for only a day and a half after having the baby my doctor said "Well, I have a c-section to do really quick and then I will be back to get your discharge papers ready!!".. I was super excited... Well at that point it was like a rush, people were in and out trying to get all the legit things done so that we could get out of there... Everyone that I talked to was shocked that I was getting out so early... At the time I was surprised too but then thinking back I wasn't ALL that surprised... I told Shawn that if I knew that all pregnancies and labors would be the way my experience was I would have ten babies.. Honestly, I kept waiting for the pain to come, and waiting and waiting and waiting... Well thankfully it never came!!.. So we strapped Logan in to his sweet little carseat with his sweet little Sailor man outfit on and his sweet little stuffed lamb and we hit the road!!!...

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Our Family:)

Just because I love these two men and this is one of my favorites right now... One of my favorite things is watching this man be an incredible daddy... I always knew that he was going to be amazing but I didn't know how amazing until about oh IMMEDIATELY after watching him hold his first born child for the first time!!.. There is no one else in the world I would rather have as my partner in parenthood... To be redundent he is AMAZING and I think that our little family is pretty amazing too!!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Little Break in the Timeline...

Poppie... There are no better arms to be held in than this man's... (Well except maybe your daddy's)... Your Poppie is infactuated with you and you are with him... There were many days/nights when you first came home from the hospital that you sat with your Poppie for 2-3 hours on end without moving a muscle... Today Poppie went to Burlington for his yearly check-up on the stint he has due to the stroke he suffered 7 years ago... I thank god everyday that he helped to keep your Poppie safe and suffer little damages to his body because of the stroke... His check up turned out great, no movement or blockage!!.. I hope that you know each and every day of your life how special you are to have a Poppie as wonderful as yours... He is one of a kind and would do everything/anything for you and for that you are luckier than you will ever know!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Visitors... Hospital Edition...

Sooo many people were so ready to meet you that they could barely contain themselves... You had many people who were waiting the second you came out into this world!!.. By the time we made it to the room mommy had to tell everyone to back up because I hadn't counted all your fingers or toes yet!!... But I didn't keep people at bay for long because they couldn't wait to get their hands on you!!!