Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Greeter, Greeter, Greeter!!!...

My greeters for the day of the wedding are very dear friends of mine. Hayley Hyatt is one of our groomsmen's girlfriend and Jessica Temples is another one of our groomsmen's girlfriends. They are both extremely close friends of ours. These girls have been there for me since before I even moved down here. We have gone through alot over the past 3 years and am very grateful for their friendships! We have amazing memories and definitely many more to come in the coming years!

Monday, March 30, 2009


SOOOOOoooooo... Like I earlier said my father sends me roses every year for my birthday. One rose for every year!.. This year it is 25!!... It is going to be a fabulous bouquet isn't it?! This is the reason that on August 15th I will be carrying 25 yellow roses... The only other place that you will see yellow that day is on the lapel of my dad's coat and the lapel of Shawn's!!.. Mmm love it!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Daddy's Girl

So it was raised to my attention that today I will spend my last birthday as a "Wright". It kind of hit me in a weird, exciting and sad way. I have lived my first "quarter of a century" as one and will spend the rest of mine as a Smaciak! I am so excited for the new chapter in my life but can't help to think about how I got to point I am. As I said in my first post my mom means the world to me and is truly the best friend I have ever had. In the same respect my dad is my daddy! There is no other feeling in the world like being daddy's little girl, 5 years old or 25 years old. He is the person that has always 100% been there for me. I love him more than any other person in this world. He has been the best father and friend I have ever known. I know there are times that I have pushed his limits as a daughter but I can only hope that I am half of the person that he is and continues to be. I have never known anyone as compassionate, caring and sincere as my father.

He made the statement that sometimes people call him Richard Winter (my mom's father) and that he is honored even with the little oops of a name because of how great my grandfather was. Well I believe that he has made a legacy of his own. He is an amazing father (and poppie), family man, friend, person. I know when I remain being called Shannon Wright instead of Shannon Smaciak I will smile thinking of my dad and how the slip of a name brings a sense of honor to those before us. Oh and the roses... Every birthday since my 13th birthday my dad has sent me yellow roses one for every year that I am. These are from my 22nd birthday. Shawn made it very clear to him that this is one responsibility that he will NOT take over as a husband! Speaking of honor and and respect, it is true what they say, I am truly marrying my father!! Shawn & dad have a relationship that cracks me up. Dad adding a FOURTH son(in law) to the mix and he FINALLY has a sports buff!!.. Shawn has even gotten dad fishing!! Anywhoooo I will and forever will be a true Daddy's Little Girl!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Whirling Windy Weekend!!.. with the O'Brien's

This past weekend we made a journey to Daytona Beach, Florida. Not only are my parents there right now but our great friends Sean, Jill & of course little Claire were taking a vacation there. Shawn and I took off from Columbia at about 4:00 Friday afternoon and headed back on Sunday around the same time. It was a quick little trip but we had a great time AND obviously great food and company! Friday night we got pizza from our favorite pizza place Genoveses with mom and dad. Saturday we got up and hit our favorite jewelry store to GET OUR WEDDING BANDS!! We paid for mine and ordered Shawn's! (It was very exciting!!) Then Shawn and I "ventured" to see The O'Brien's at their hotel. Well Sean ended up with the 24 hour flu. So Jill, Claire and myself entertained ourselves by the pool! Saturday night we went to another favorite spot, Boondocks!! Claire and my Shawn were able to feed the fishies!! Sunday we got up and waited for the visitors to go to the beach, (Sean was better thankfully). The beach didn't exactly work out because the wind was so strong, we were down there for about 10 minutes!! But we were able to lay by the pool. Dad cooked out steaks on his handy Foreman Grill!! Mom cooked potatoes & asparagus and I made Pasta Salad. The food was amazing... Then it was followed by an amazing dessert, BIRTHDAY cake that Jill brought/bought for me.. (turning a quarter of a century on Thursday!!)... She reminded me that it was my last birthday as "a WRIGHT".. :( WEIRD!!... Claire helped me blow out the candles/tried to eat the flame!!.. We had an amazing weekend with amazing people and it just makes me realize how much I miss my family and friends up North. They are the people that I am the most myself around and I love it. Claire has grown up so much and has her own little personality that is absolutely HILARIOUS!.. Thank you O'Briens (and mom/dad) for a great weekend getaway!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wooo... Brantley Gilbert

This past weekend there was a St. Patrick's Day Festival in Columbia. Shawn has made me fall in love with a band named and led by Brantley Gilbert. He is a country/rock singer and has amazing talent. So naturally when we found out that he was going to be playing at the festival we were beyond excited. Well Saturday came and it was hectic, Shawn had a certification test and I was on strict orders to wait for him!!... We went to my friend Amanda's house with a bunch of friends and started our own festival! WELL Brantley was scheduled to go on at 1:50 and I'm beating my watch.. Shawn FINALLY arrives and we pretty much take off in a sprint to get down there!! We scooted our way to the front and sang/danced along with the whole set... Oh and we enjoyed green beer as well!!.. AFTER the concert I look around and Shawn is gone, I'm like what the heck? Finally spot him across the way making his way to BRANTLEY GILBERT!!!... Nonetheless we get a picture with him and I'm in love.. I always told Shawn if I ever left him it would be for Tim McGraw, well the Numero 2 is Brantley Gilbert...

Friday, March 6, 2009


So I have posted all the roles of the females in my wedding party except for my choice of a reader!! This is Robyn, my little brother Andrew's girlfriend!! She is an amazing person. Her and Andrew have been together for quite awhile and every time we have hung out it backs up how awesome she is!! It was a rather easy choice for me, I would have her as a bridesmaid but definitely had to draw the line at the insane number of 12. Anyways this girl is the best!! She fits right in to our crazy family and I hope that someday I have the pleasure of calling her my sister (in-law)/(hint hint*)... I remember the first time I met Robyn, she probably thought that we were insane, but now she is probably just as insane as us! I mean she does put up with Andrew day in and day out, god bless her soul!! Robyn has helped me with some wedding planning and cracks me up!! Her and Andrew are moving to her "hometown" of CHICAGO this spring and I am soooo excited to start visiting them sometime REAL soon. Like I said before without question I had to have this person be a part of my special day because she is an awesome lady and I know our friendship will continue to grow from this point on. I could not find a better person even if I tried realllly hard to match with my little bro!! THANKS ROBYN I HEART YOU AND STACHES!!!!