Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Daddy Day Ritual...

I guess I need to carry on the tradition and keep the "DAD" photos rolling. Before that, we had a fantastic Father's Day weekend. Kicking it off with finding out that we have a Baby GIRL on the way! Petrified and overwhelmed is how I am feeling about that. Anyways, we carried on our weekend, filled with birthdays and parties and a nice relaxing Sunday ending with some homemade Beaufort Stew, DELISH... I got Shawn something he has wanted pretty much for at least the last eight years. Season tickets to the South Carolina Gamecock 2014 Season!! To say he was excited is a complete understatement. Logan cooperated (which is far and few in between these days)and took new pictures for Shawn. 2012:

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Mooooom Eatloaf

When we were home in New York for Christmas, Logan had a new experience. He had to sleep in a big boy bed for the first time. He did great.
This led to something that I have been dreading since, well forever! Ugh, Logan has always been a superb sleeper. Unless sick or infrequent nightmares, he has always slept through the night and until 8-9 on the weekends. I had always said that we would never switch the bed until he climbed out, which he never has. Deep breath, home in South Carolina, switch the beds. Logan loved to help rebuild his bed. My first night, DREAD. But guess what?! He slept through the night, never got out of bed. Matter of fact, it has been over a month and still has yet to get out. Like refuses to get out even in the morning unless we come in to get him. It has turned comical. He screams "MOM, MOM, MOMMY, MOM, MOM, MOM, MOM". Shawn thought it would be funny to teach Logan to add some words. So in true Will Ferrell fans form. Shawn appropriately taught Logan to start screaming not just MOM but MOM, MOM, MOM, THE EATLOAF (silent M)MOM... Even though, wake up time has changed to roughly 7, waking up to mini Will is completely hilarious!!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

So proud of you...

I seriously need to get better at this. Minutes turn into hours, days, months, years all too fast and I am forgetting things that have happened. Within the past two weeks I have had some fantastic and heartwarming conversations with Logan. Honestly, I don't want to forget them ever. Here is one from the drive to school the day after his Christmas Concert: Logan: I wuve you mama.. Mommy: I love you too buddy! Logan: Mama, I so proud of you... (He had been showered with the SO PROUD's since his stellar singing debut...) Mommy: You are buddy, why? Logan: I so proud you my mama, mama... SERIOUSLY!!! Love him and don't want to forget these little day to day happenings... Try harder mama!!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

You've Been BOOOOOed

Last year our great friend Jenn and mini friend "Grahamy" used to leave little packages for Logan here and there. I wanted to make sure G got the same treatment but knew I had to do it in a special way. BECAUSE Jenn is pretty much one of the most creative, crafty peeps I've ever known. So 1.) I had to be on the top of my game and do something new and 2.) It had to be top secret, sneaky and awesome... And of course I had to include my little Finn man in on the fun! Thank you Pinterest!!.. Grahamy and Finnley were both BOO'd by the Logster. I'm not going to lie, it was a major adrenaline rush trying to get both baskets on the front porches with OPEN doors and the occupants inside. All that was going through my head was, be like a ninja, tuck and roll. Hey, you've got to keep it exciting sometimes. I was pretty much cracking up at the texts of Tara trying to figure it out... Jenn was sly and knew immediately, obviously... Anyways, Happy Booing! Here are the two baskets!!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Garnet, Garnet, Garnet, Black.... Friday and SATURDAY

What happens when your father is an Alumnus of a pretty stellar College that has a pretty stellar football team?!.. You get a little guy that wears a LOT of Garnet and Black on Friday's AND Saturday's. No we can't go the true southern style and slap a huge bow on his head like the girlies do, so we have to get creative. He is being trained. Columbia is FULL of Gamecock clothes wearing people, EVERY DAY of the year. Don't worry, Logan points them out, EVERY time he sees someone wearing Garnet or Black, or the symbol or USC or South Carolina. He will try to carry on a conversation with them, letting them know that he also has "Gamecock, too". If he is wearing the attire he does everything but strips to show them the emblem. Enjoy our little Gamecock!!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

To Infinity and BEYONDDDD...

A boy and his best friends. I wasn't kidding when I said that this boy has an imagination. One of his favorite past times now is to hang with Buzz and Woody. He plays many roles in his playtime with his Toy Story friends. Sometimes he is a toy just like Buzz and Woody, looking for the name "Andy" on the bottom of his feet. Other times he is Andy flying around the front yard or bringing them for a ride on his four wheeler. He cracks us up everyday and continues to astonish us with his thought process. In his words "Not Andy on my foot, MOMMY DADDY on my foot". That's right buddy you are all ours and we love you so much!!

Monday, September 23, 2013


Two Years Old... Two Years Old... I just don't quite believe that two years have passed since this: (Photograph by Dimples and Curls Photography) You are so grown up in so many ways. We are still waiting for your two year check-up because your doctor is super busy. You did however just suffer from your first (and second) severe ear infection EVER. I mean seriously you waited two years and just when I thought we were in the clear BAM double whammy. I am thankful that you have not suffered from them up to this point BUT I do hope that was it. Anyways at that appointment you weighed about 31 pounds and that's pretty much the same weight that you have been for quite a while. I feel like you are pretty tall for your age, 36 inches (3 ft). You are in size 5 diapers but we are hoping that you are going potty REAL soon. We tried in July but that was a no go. You liked it at first but then after a couple of days you became terrified, oh well. You looked so super cute in your big boy pants. You are still semi in 2t clothes but have slowly switched over to 3t's. Your feet have practically tripled over the summer. Before we went to New York you were in size 5's, like just in size 5's. Three weeks later I have you sized and you are in size 7's?!?! What?? How did that happen. So there goes a couple of shoes never worn, packed away. Oh and the Nike sandals and shoes I bought you for next summer (size 8, thought I was safe), yeah you are wearing those now. (Photograph's by Meredith Jameson Photography) You are a personality and a half. You know how to flash the devilish of grins, give the biggest hugs (little pat, pat and all), but Ohhhhhhhh do you also have a major attitude, throw a raging tantrum, and the casual bite at school NO BITING LOGAN... You have started saying this, so much so that people ask how your day is and you say "No bite, I get ollipop"... Yikes STOP BITING... Your vocabulary is beyond impressive, you carry on full sentence conversations with us. You can count to 13 (thanks to our stairs). You love to sing, read and DANCE man oh man do you love to dance. You are so into music that you have begun telling me "Next song, peas." Speaking of your "Peas", you like to occasionally throw out a "Pikepeas" day! Where I put gel in your hair and you rock your "pike". We have been trying your colors for MONTHS but much to our dismay everything is still ORANGE, I think you just say the color to mess with us, especially daddy. His Gamecocks archnemesis' school colors are purple and ORANGE, OH NO!! You love to play and play HARD, oh my goodness I don't think I have ever seen a two year with the imagination that you have. Speaking of which we slightly believe that you have some type of photographic memory. Seriously you see something ONCE and you don't forget, it can be days, weeks, months and you seriously remember EVERYTHING... Just the other night we went to a favorite pizza shop that we hadn't been to in month, we pull in the driveway, JUST in the driveway, and you SNAP. You want out of the car ASAP because they have painted circles in their parking lot and you want to jump from one to the next. WHAT?? It has literally been months... We go to a different place for dinner near our house where you are kind of a celebrity and help with the register and seriously after a long hiatus you stroll in the place go straight behind the counter and pull yourself out two lollipops, SHEESH... You amaze us with everything that you do. You are growing up and becoming such a fantastic little guy. I'll take your tantrums daily and your attitude and your sideways looks any day because you know what, every night you still want "Mama rocky".. You snuggle up and give a big hug and we rocky. And when you say "I wuve you so much too mama", melt my heart. I love you so much my little buddy and I hope you continue to grow mind, body and soul to be the best little guy you can be. And a little southern gentleman at that, "Yes mam!" (we are still working on the "sir")!!