Thursday, June 30, 2011

31 Weeks:)... (That's a real smile this week!)

Thirty One weeks sure has brought on some adventures. I think that Baby S has loved every second of these adventures because do you want to talk about crazy movements?!.. This little guy has not stopped moving in about four days!!.. Well as you can see from our (unfamiliar location!!) pictures, we are on the St. Lawrence River!! This is one of our most favorite spots on the whole earth... Hands down!!.. I grew up spending every summer on this river and we plan for you to as well!! We were a little bit nervous about traveling, I mean with you due in only NINE weeks!! You and I both did GREAT!! I was a little bit uncomfortable on the plane but that happens!! Although we plan on relaxing the ENTIRE time we are here, it sure does seem like time is flying by already!!.. We are really excited for this weekend when your cousins Mak, Lil & Jenna Bo Benna arrive!!.. And then we have a Northern style shower for you on Sunday!!... Something else really exciting took place this week.. Someone very special to us did an amazing photo shoot of us (you included)!! Misty is daddy's cousin and a long time friend of mommy's!! She did such a wonderful job that I have no idea how we will ever pick our favorites!! And when I say that I am not yanking any chains... We saw a quick preview and I couldn't control my excitement!!... Many times when I feel large and in charge with you, I just start laughing because I don't really care!! You are the most amazing thing ever!! I don't know how I am ever going to let anyone else even look at you, let alone take you out of my arms!!... Your daddy and I love you so much and are seriously having a hard time waiting on you!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

30 Weeks :):):)

Just keep smiling, smiling, smiling... That's what I tell myself... I have not many days at all that I just am done with it all... Today is not one of those days, I am so over it... It's been a rough day... Just very agitated with anything and everything... I think part of the reason is that it is my last work week for two weeks, as we make a quick trip north... The other part is Baby S was doing some crazy things that quite frankly hurt me and scare me at the same time... After that passed, I just feel defeated today... I had a pout session and have pretty much carried that through tonight... BUT when it is all said and done and we watch this little man moving and shifting around I can't help but feel quilty for feeling this way... I have LOVED being pregnant, each day seems like an actual new day/feeling/sensation!!.. Nothing beats when I start feeling and seeing him move and then Shawn runs over and watches and smiles and talks to him and rubs him, NOTHING beats that... I am totally going to miss those moments because I know how lucky I am to experience them... So with that said am I wishing the time away NO, I cherish it all, some days are just easier to get through than others.. Am I sick of the odd pains & of being scared of something, absolutely... I am even more sick of hearing, "Not too much longer", my response OKAY well if you consider two & a half more months "not much longer" in 100 degree weather than you are nuts... And could I just literally karate chop someone to the throat if I hear "WOW you're huge" one more time... What completely surprises me about this statement is the fact that every single one has come from a woman... Soooo not girl code!! Anyways no baby facts this week, just don't have it in me... He's doing great and very active and draining me... That's it, just done today!!...

Thursday, June 16, 2011

29 Weeks:)

Well hello belly how are you?!.. There is going to be little to no substance in this post but I wanted to get something up before our very exciting weekend!!.. This weekend is our first Baby Shower and we are soooo excited to see all of our beloved southern friends!! This is the beginning of everything Baby S!! So many people love you already!! I think they are going to love you even more when they see your framed 4D ultrasound picture! I mean I know that's what happened to me.. I saw your sweet baby face and you are going to be one beautiful baby!! You were stubborn but we finally got to see you.. It has made me want you in my arms in such a big way it is ridiculous!! BUT we will wait another 11 weeks because you are only 3lbs and I want you to be so much bigger so I can squeeze your chunkiness!!!.. We love you so much it hurts!! Beautiful baby boy we can NOT wait to meet you!!

So apparently I can't add a picture from my phone... So the ginormous belly I was talking to at the beginning.. I will add later!'

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Third Trimester....

Oh third trimester how we have been waiting on you!!... What did you bring us?! You brought us an ever growing little baby boy still cooking!!... Baby S is the size of "Chinese Cabbage", weighs approx. a little over 2 lbs & is over 14 inches long!!... It is very, very apparent how big baby boy is getting daily!! He has flipped himself head down (which would make the punching/kicking in two different spots make sense!!) and is active as EVER!! Seriously this boy is constantly moving and we are starting to feel whole body parts!!

What else did 28 weeks bring us?!... A sinus infection, not being able to breathe (refer to baby S now head down), and a cancelled 4D ultrasound (dang it)... The sinus infection is on its way out, thankfully... I literally feel like Baby S is squeezing all of my insides and decides when I can take a breath!!... It isn't all that bad thought because with his position movement MY BACK PAIN IS GONE!! For the most part I should say, because after a long day I still do ache but nothing compared to the past 6 months!! The ultrasound, daddy was so mad!! After a rough couple of weeks we were soooo looking forward to seeing you!! We haven't seen you since we found out you were a boy!! The good thing is that we were able to reschedule it for Monday, so only a two day wait from here!! Oh one other thing that is slowly sneaking its ugly head into our lives is SWELLING... I thought a couple of weeks ago was a fluke because I had done too much in one day but pretty much happens to my feet & hands if not every day, every other day!!.. I would like to add that my face is swelling as well and I'm not thoroughly impressed with this fact.. Oh well, just a small price to see you soon little man... SOOOOooo with the sinus infection/swelling you will notice there is no side picture this week... Sorry it just was not working!!... Instead you will see the shirt with a logo that you will soon know very well, little man!!.. PS Daddy bought you a baseball glove today but was very apprehensive about it because he doesn't want to force you to be right-handed, he wants you to explore it on your own!! (Your daddy is a little crazy!!!...) But I know your Aunt Tara would be happy if you were left-handed just like her!! Either way, Welcome to the Big Leagues little man, only 12 short/fast weeks to go!! We love you oh so much!!