Thursday, October 24, 2013

You've Been BOOOOOed

Last year our great friend Jenn and mini friend "Grahamy" used to leave little packages for Logan here and there. I wanted to make sure G got the same treatment but knew I had to do it in a special way. BECAUSE Jenn is pretty much one of the most creative, crafty peeps I've ever known. So 1.) I had to be on the top of my game and do something new and 2.) It had to be top secret, sneaky and awesome... And of course I had to include my little Finn man in on the fun! Thank you Pinterest!!.. Grahamy and Finnley were both BOO'd by the Logster. I'm not going to lie, it was a major adrenaline rush trying to get both baskets on the front porches with OPEN doors and the occupants inside. All that was going through my head was, be like a ninja, tuck and roll. Hey, you've got to keep it exciting sometimes. I was pretty much cracking up at the texts of Tara trying to figure it out... Jenn was sly and knew immediately, obviously... Anyways, Happy Booing! Here are the two baskets!!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Garnet, Garnet, Garnet, Black.... Friday and SATURDAY

What happens when your father is an Alumnus of a pretty stellar College that has a pretty stellar football team?!.. You get a little guy that wears a LOT of Garnet and Black on Friday's AND Saturday's. No we can't go the true southern style and slap a huge bow on his head like the girlies do, so we have to get creative. He is being trained. Columbia is FULL of Gamecock clothes wearing people, EVERY DAY of the year. Don't worry, Logan points them out, EVERY time he sees someone wearing Garnet or Black, or the symbol or USC or South Carolina. He will try to carry on a conversation with them, letting them know that he also has "Gamecock, too". If he is wearing the attire he does everything but strips to show them the emblem. Enjoy our little Gamecock!!