Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Luck of 7's!?

Shawn's birthday 7/7... This week I hit 17 weeks and also turned 27!!.. So does this mean that the babe may come on a date ending in 7?! Hmmm, might be reading into it.. BUT I will certainly take August 17, or 27th but please sweet ever growing Baby S let's try to stay away from September 7th!!.. I will be pleased with any date but the further into September the closer you are going to get to your daddy's birth weight of 10 lbs 4oz.. Oh I am going to love you so much but a 10 pounder YIKES!!... Your car seat says that at 11 pounds we have to remove the teeny headrest... Oh no does that mean your head will bobble leaving the hospital?! Let's just keep that little growth under the 10 pound mark okay?!... Anyways, 17 weeks?!

I am starting to feel like I am actually getting my sleep. Am I sleeping through the night? Absolutely not.. BUT I am every 2nd night, when I wake up four times a night for a potty break I go right back to sleep!!.. Then on that second night BAM wide awake.. Oh well, I do find that I don't feel like I need a nap every ten minutes so I will take it!!.... We are getting closer little(ish) Baby S!!... Next week is going to be so much FUN, OH BOY or GIRL!! We are hopefully finding out what you are sweet little babe... Your daddy thinks that you are going to show us your little bum and be just as stubborn as you can be!! Anywho... Stay tuned folks!! Next week!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

At LEAST six months (or so)...

Before I can ever go back to the movie theater...
First of all... $46 total for the hubs and I YIKES..
-2 tickets to see Hall Pass
-Popcorn, Sprite (for Shawn), H2O (for me)AND a Cherry Slushie for me as well:)
-FORTY SIX DOLLARS.. That is ridiculous!
BUUUT that is not the reason I won't be going back... Seriously $46 later and I was the most uncomfortable I have ever been in my life. I really have had an amazing pregnancy thus far but am starting to get some MAJOR back pain along with spasms.. Not fun.. Usually the seats at the theater we go to are amazing.. I mean huge and reclining seats.. I literally could not sit still for more then two minutes at a time.. I didn't even enjoy the movie.. Shawn thought that it was a hilarious movie.. Maybe I would have if I wasn't switching positions every minute... I really am not complaining, HONESTLY I love being pregnant, it is an amazing experience.. The thought just keeps going through my mind "Wow I am only four months pregnant right now, I hope that I am strong enough to endure the next five months".. I certainly will try my best to stay stong especially mentally BUT I do know one thing for sure... This is about to be my new best friend:
I have always been partial to watching movies in the comforts of my own home but now I KNOW that I will be way more COMFORTABLE!!!!...
Which reminds me of the Time Warner commercial of the pregnant woman and her husband switching rooms to "get comfortable" and the whole time she drags her huge bottle of Tums with her!!.. I LOVE it.. Shawn thought I was crazy when I cried from laughing at that commercial.. I don't think he will be laughing when that actor is him in another couple months... Hehehehe..

Saturday, March 19, 2011


I would say that my purchases from Target yesterday surely makes it safe to say that I am in full swing of Nesting... And/Or Spring Cleaning with this gorgeous 85* weather we are having... Either way this house is getting a deep clean, fresh air and the amazing scents of Spring!!

Friday, March 18, 2011


With love from Baby S!... The super low little one that rests on mommy's bladder all day & night!!! Wouldn't have it any other way!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

16 Weeks!!

16 weeks wiped out the GI virus I had!!.. YAYYYYY!! No hospital needed (phewww).. Saturday made me wake up with a vengeance of eating everything and anything in sight.. I have not gained any weight, although after this virus wiped me out, I think that is ABOUT to change!!.. In fact after the virus I was down to my Biggest Loser Winning weight (scared me a little bit) and at the doctors I was 1 pound down from my initial weigh in.. I am however a little confused about it because my mid-section is NOT decreasing in size!!.. I love feeling the baby moving and as I talked to my sister in law Amy she said SHEESH are you seriously getting this child on a schedule in the womb... Baby S only moves during the day right now and when I am lying awake (EVERY NIGHT from 1:30-4:00) I try to mess with the babe and so far NO movement between those times.. I won't hold my breathe!!..

I started a little Tuesday tradition in about Week 8... Every Tuesday in the early A.M. after Shawn leaves for school I look up some stats and text the daddy to be some funny info and always include the fruit/veggie/object that is best associated with baby S' size that week... My "joking" side included today that starting this week if the baby is poked and pushed then it will start reacting to the movement... Daddy thinks this is hilarious and feels that it is necessary to poke EVEN if he can't feel the movement for a couple more months!!... Funny/cute yet I feel it may lead to annoyance on some days :)... Anyways, another fact was that the "bobble-headesque" shape of the head has now started to shrink... This is another issue that we hope to be true although will not believe it until we see it... I am very, extremely sorry little one(and a wee bit scared of delivery)because according to everyone/anyone who has ever seen a glimpse of your daddy, claims you will have a record breaking large head... That is okay with me, I will love and cherish you as my big head baby!! We love you oh so much Baby S big, bobble-head, avocado sized little one!!
One more close up!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Ohhhh 15 weeks...

15 weeks?! I can't believe it... I feel like I have been waiting to get to this point for a long time but now that it is here YIKES this is flying by.. 15 weeks what did I think about this milestone I thought YESSSS I am going to start sleeping through the night, I am going to eat everything in sight and I for sure and just going to kick back and enjoy this next month where I am the only one in the world that can feel this little darling moving!!.... BUT in reality what did 15 weeks bring me?! Literally to the hour at about 12:30 Monday night I started to get extremely sick until about 4:30... I immediately thought "oh no".. I am going to be a weird one that starts pregnancy symptoms in the second trimester instead of the first.. But by the time I got sent home Tuesday from work I knew something was going on.. We had our 15 week check up on Wednesday and low and behold I have a GI virus... Not fun.. Strictly BRAT diet (Bananas, Rice, Applesauce & Toast) althought my body has decided the only thing allowed in and staying in are more like the P(popsicles) A(applesauce) T(toast) diet... Every time I think oh I feel better (maybe it is just my stomach SCREEEEEAMING that it is starving) I try a little something and then about an hour later I know for sure it was just the belly talking... Cheers to some Pedialyte!!! Anywho some miracles HAVE happened this week..
(Absolutely NOOOO belly shot of 15 weeks sorry Baby S)
15 week check up:
Oh little Orange!!!

Baby S has a heart rate of 155 and is VERY VERY active... We heard many thuds (for kicks) and even the little sweetie had hiccups!!! The day after on Thursday I felt Baby for the first time, it was purely amazing... And pretty much since then there are very few moments throughout the day that I don't feel them!!.. (Like I said very active!!).. The doctor EVEN gave us a little tease that from her instincts and based on the heart rate/ activity level... She is guessing a boy!!.. We will see in two weeks!!... I personally think girl but what do I know?!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Growing Pictures...

I am not really into the whole belly shots thing BUT I felt like if I didn't do them then I was missing out on my expanding midriff and they are kind of funny... Sooo EVERY Tuesday we make the trudge up the stairs to your nursery and start the photoshoot... I should add at this point that your daddy is a horrible photographer (who takes pictures sitting down, looking up at the subject.. HELLO triple chins!!).. And he sometimes gets jealous with the attention mommy's belly gets!!... So here are some shots...




Daddy's Jealous Shot...

Just so you know I was a little weary about posting the growing belly after a conversation with my friend Jill... Thanks Jill!. Ha... And secondly you will notice the changhing background of the walls of the nursery!!.. That will be a post soon but we are still waiting for finishing touches!!