Thursday, February 25, 2010

Snow/Sand.... man..

A couple of weekends ago we were in Myrtle Beach for a conference... It just so happened that it SNOWED while we were there. Snow blah we have seen it every year of our lives hence one of the major bonuses of living in South Carolina INSTEAD of New York!!... Regardless it snowed and I must admit, it was really quite cool!! We headed straight for the beach (and blistering wind/cold) and took a couple of snapshots!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Ultimate Sign of DEFEAT

So our little cuddly, fuzzy buddy... Is not cuddly (unless on his own terms, close to NEVER) and NEVER, EVER wants to be held.. Well due to this fact Shawn and I constantly try to get him to be the opposite of this, which usually ends up with Ziggy running and hiding somewhere dark!!.. WELL for the past three years we have tried a multitude of different tactics to try and get him in his cage (when traveling).. It usually ends with Shawn on one side of the bed, me on the other and on the count of three one of us pushes him out one way from under the bed and the other snatches him up... Well Mr. Ziggy we have your number and have gotten very creative.. We now close all doors, block off the stairway and as one chases him around the first floor one of us patiently waits on the stairs for Ziggy to try one more time to go up the stairs... By that point he knows it is cage time and snuggles for all it is worth!!!