Sunday, July 31, 2011

35 Weeks..

**It is Hot**
**I am Huge**
**He is Huge**
**It is uncomfortable to sit down**
**It is uncomfortable to stand**
**His foot is constantly in my ribs**
**This week I am very forgetful**
**This week I have twice put all my makeup on but no mascara!?**
**This week I am very emotional**
**This week I have become anxious/scared about the arrival**
**Baby S' bag is packed**
**My bag is ready to be packed**
**Braxton Hicks have kicked up a notch**
**He/I have measured large, therefore we need a growth ultrasound**
**We start our weekly appointments tomorrow**
**I am Ready**
**Shawn is Ready**
**I want him to be ready!!**
**After all of the complaints, I am now going to try to be positive**
**We LOVE this little man with all that we are**
**I will endure all of this & more for him as long as needed**
**Can't wait to see him**

Thursday, July 21, 2011

34 Weeeeeeeeeeeks

So can blogs be done in bullet form?! Okay great, awesome!!

*Baby S is getting really big!!
*He is still extrememly active (usually fun to watch!)
*I feel like I am picturing what he looks like in my mind & he is sooo CAAAA-UTE!
*He is the weight of a cantaloupe/honeydew.
*He is almost 18 inches apparently?!
*His nursery is 95% done
*We finished purschasing the necesseties for him!
*Sweets? What sweets... Anything with sugar was pretty much my diet this week!
*I have been pulling doubles all week!
*12 hour shifts... yikes
*Hence the swelling that started today..
*Fingers & Toes look like Sausages & Snausages...
*I love this baby more than my life already!!
*I am in complete, utter trouble when he enters the world!!
*I wish everyone would stop saying that I am "for SURE" going early..
*(Above) You aren't a doctor nor my body stop with the lies!!
*Although our due date is August 30th, the date in my mind is September 3rd!!
*I'm tired!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

33 nudges per Minute...

33 weeks has brought some changes to the pregnancy... I swear Baby S has found a boost of energy somewhere in this 110+ degree daily weather... He is CONSTANTLY moving, sometimes it is amazing to watch & feel... Other times it is painful & takes my breath away!! I love watching the movements, Shawn prefers to feel the movements, so sometimes there are arguements over a hand on the belly or not... Today when I was trying to take a nap I kept feeling this jabbing sensation so I looked down and SERIOUSLY there was a protruding part coming out of my stomach, I started to laugh and yelled to Shawn.. He ran up the stairs and I refused to let him feel, I just told him to watch.. He was glad that I did because Baby S carried on for about 5 minutes, parts protruding everywhere, it was insanely AWESOME!!... Soooo what these protruding parts make me realize?!.. This baby is getting HUGE!! I mean HUGE... According to the "facts", experts say he is the size & weight of a pineapple (which had Shawn confused, "Why is he prickly, I don't get it", Oh man the lessons to be learned!!) which is over 16 inches in length and over 4 pounds!!.. What this means to me??... I do not care in the least the changes my body has taken on. My skin is stretching like to the max, I am out of room and starting to pack on the poundage!!.. Although up to this point I have gained 18 pounds!! Pretty excited about that because prior to becoming pregnant I thought I would be a whale for over 9 months!!... The only issue is stretch marks, do I care what they look like?! NO, let's face it I haven't shown my belly in public since about 5th grade, the last time I wore a bikini... But seriously these things HURT and are excruciating in the pain and have completely spread like wildfire... It is seriuosly insane but I guess the small price I am paying for this little miracle!! So sweet Baby S: Please keep growing (not toooo big okay), keep up the protruding parts (we love to see you) and keep not waking me up at night (hopefully you will follow your sleeping pattern after birth)... We love you so much and can not wait for 6 & 1/2 weeks to fly by and to have your sweet precious self in our arms!!

32 Weeks...

Sorry, sorry, sorry... 32 weeks was VERY busy for us!!.. We spent it with our sweet three little girls and celebrated a wedding of our dear & close friend Michelle!!.. She thought that it would be HILARIOUS to make my large and in charge 8 months pregnant self a bridesmaid!!.. I guess I deserved it since two years ago I did the same thing to her (except I figured it out and she was only 7 months!!).. This was the third wedding that I have attended pregnant and you would think that it would get tiring... We (as in Baby S & I) were wild animals and didn't make it home until close to 2am!!.. We had a great time although I believe that time was stretched by daddy who was having a fabulous time!!... Now on to Baby S & his development.. Well he is apparently close to 4 pounds and almost 16 inches long.. Although mommy feels like he may be a bit larger.. I feel like I semi hit a brick wall this week because I am WIPED out!! I feel that I have LOVED being pregnant and this week just NOT so much!!... We love you baby s and please keep growing big & strong but please lay off the rib & bladder shots, they hurt!!.. Here are the last River Belly Shots!!