Friday, December 19, 2008

For the love of tackiness!!

Well it has been almost a week since Shawn & I have arrived in the burg and we are totally loving it and enjoying every second of being here! We have officially had my first dress fitting, confirmed our centerpieces that are sooo gorgeous and we absolutely love, met with Fr. LaValley and confirmed everything for the church (we start Pre-Cana in June with him), and have all the tuxes picked out EIGHTEEN in all!! They are going to look like total studs!! Well I think my girls will dress them up looking like hotties in their gorgeous dresses as well.. With so many things in line we are getting overwhelming excited and the stories to throw shawn off of any track he might fall upon for hints of my dress are getting outrageous from all around.. From ruffles, to puffy sleeves.. To my new favorite a teardrop headband that starts between my eyes, wraps around my head and ends with a bunch of veil at the back... I am sure that you may remember these from the beloved 80's!! I figured that I would leave you with this beautiful picture of a blushing bride!! *wink *wink

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Sooo I just had to inform everyone that I officially had my first dress fitting today!! I am absolutely in LOVE with it and could not be happier.. I have loved every bit of my experience at Sposa Bella's Bridal Shoppe in Canton, NY!! Michelle and Debbie (the boutique specialists!!) have been BEYOND wonderful... My dress came in more beautiful than I remember it and I was able to witness a teary eyed mom and Matron (Amy).. Two other bridesmaids/friends were able to come along as well and we had such a great time.. Jenn & Shawna helped me feel comfortable and helped with their opinions on veils!! We were able to go to lunch afterwards at the Gran View and Jill also met us.. I had a fabulous day and loved every bit of it!! Thank you girls!!!
Oh PS this is about the equivalent volume of sleeves that I told shawn my dress has!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


oSoo I just can NOT hold my excitement in about making the trek up to the BURG on Saturday... After spending so much time on the River this summer, it has made it harder and harder to not be a little homesick and anxious to get back... This is one f the best times of the year, the Wright Family Christmas Party is a holiday must and Jenn, Breanne & I have made it pretty much habit to "crash" another Christmas party at Jonesy's, Bree is usually satisfied as long as there are meatballs somewhere along the way... Of course as always I am completely PUMPED to see my favorite three little girls in the entire world (makayla, lily, jenna) and get to celebrate an early christmas with them on Sunday... I am going to stay up north through the holiday BUT Shawn will be flying back south early to spend the holidays with his families... Although we have been busy making appointments for our time home, including MY FIRST OFFICIAL DRESS FITTING and a FLOWER appointment!! I am beyond ready to be home sweet home and can not wait to see everyone... Oh and when I get back... IT IS 2009!! The year of the wedding!!... There will be an official countdown of UNDER 8 months!! ... ahhhh!!! Until next time...

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Junior Bridesmaid Mackenzie Rose:)

Mackenzie is Shawn's oldest niece who is in the 7th grade! I met Kenz when Shawn and I first started dating when she was in KINDERGARTEN! She has definitely matured into a beautiful young lady and presents herself very well. I am so proud of the person that she has become. Even though I left to go to school I feel like I have seen Kenz really transform into this person. She lives with her mom Krissy whom is an awesome person. She has raised her kids to be the best that they are and we are so proud of them. Thanks Kenz for being apart of our day.. We love and miss you so much

Friday, December 5, 2008

Bridesmaid Michelle :)

Okay Michelle Kathleen Durr Duuurr... Michy K.. Micheline.. Mole.. and the list goes on... this is one of the "better" pictures that Michelle and I have because I couldn't find one that one of us were not doing something ridiculous in because that is the type of friend Michelle is.. Sometimes I have no idea where she is, what she is doing, or what is going on BUT then we catch right back up!! Honestly I have "known" Michelle since Kindergarten (there are birthday party videos that back that up) but our friendship really held strong in the 6th grade.. With I might add the help of our purple walkie talkies that worked from my house to her house.. and we were coolios and forced our parents into getting us our own telephone line!! Michelle is probably the funniest/craziest/funnest.. friends I have ever had... Love you Mich K!! Thank you

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Bridesmaid Jessica :)

Jessica Fields!... Whew where to even start.. Maybe Mrs. Dumus's class.. orrr the "triangle".. or the Knothole.. I am not really sure but it seems that this girl has been with at every important part of my life.. Jessica & I have been friends since probably the fourth grade.. Although through points in our friendship we may have been distant.. but when we pick that up we are right on target.. I am so appreciative of Jessica accepting to be a part of our wedding because I feel that she also has a great friendship with Shawn.. This is one off the wall girl and I love spending time with her.. New York or the Carolina's we stay strong.. Maybe I can fly "Bo" up for a dance with her.. LOVE YOU!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Bridesmaid Lauren :)

This pretty much sums up mine and Lauren's friendship!! Peace up Atown down! Lauren and I went through the education program at Canisius College... BUT we did not become super close until our final year of school. I don't think that I would have made it through my senior year/ student teaching without Lauren by my side... She helped me keep my sanity and got me through some major obstacles that I hit... Once I moved to South Carolina, Lauren was the first person who visited me and makes huge attempts to get together!! And for that I am grateful... Last year we went down to see Lauren for a strict girls weekend and HAD A BLAST... This girl is my rock in sooo many ways as well as a comic relief... KITTY... HARV... I am forever thankful that you accepted to be a part of this transition in my life!!.. I love you!!