Friday, August 26, 2011

39 Weeks...

39 weeks little man 39 weeks!!... Technically by this point we are closer to 40 weeks... Mama is tired love... You just gave us a little bit of anxiety by giving us close to 4 hours of constant, intense, aggressive contractions... And then STOP, hold it.. NOTHING... Nannie and Poppie will be here tomorrow for your impending birth (if you ever come out)... Soooo lets make it quick okay sweet Baby S?!!.. Regardless I was told last week at your appointment that if you are not here by Tuesday that we can pick when you get a little "push" from us and the doctor... Soooo we will be giving you that push hopefully by Wednesday!!! :)... So your choice or not we WILL meet you by the end of this coming week!! We love you and can't wait to have you in our arms, lives and hearts!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

38 Weeks....

Well, well, well little stubborn baby boy!!.. I wonder where you get your stubborness from?!?! It's not like you come from a long line of stubborn people... Or do you?! I suppose that you did NOT like the birthday of August 17... I guess it was wishful thinking!!.. You sure had us going though, with two nights of contractions (braxton hicks) for six straight hours but never got any closer than seven minutes apart... Even though they never progressed we were very hopeful that SOMETHING was going on down there... That was until Mommy & you went to the doctors yesterday... A big fat NOTHING... You hear that Baby S NOTHING!!.. We are so excited to meet you and everyone is waiting on pins & needles waiting to hear of your pending arrival and you give us a BIG OL NOTHING!!... Not that we don't love you just the same but mommy was very frustrated... You have been head down for weeks now but will not "lock" in to place... The doctor thinks that you are trying to but she can't deny the fact that you still have not dropped... During the exam (which was pretty excruciating) she felt your head bouncing in and out of the pelvic area... She then took a quick look on the ultra sound machine to make sure that it was in fact your head... Sure enough your butt is pretty much on my boobs, with your feet in my ribs and your "big ol' head" (her words) is in fact the object bouncing up and down... She estimates that you weigh between 7 & 7 1/2 pounds... Oh and I am only close to a centimeter dilated.. I was a little frustrated with the results that I was being given so I asked if you happened to make it to your due date when do we start talking options on getting you out... I mean I love you inside of me but Baby S we want to meet you so bad, like so so so bad... We just want to hold you in our arms... Well the response that I got was a little depressing... She said that if you make it to that point that your eviction papers will be served on SEPTEMBER 6th... SEPTEMBER!!!.. I am a little disappointed with this.. You are supposed to be here in AUGUST... So little man please make your appearance soon!! Like in August!!.. On another note Daddy & I celebrated our two year anniversary this past week... You were there to celebrate with us!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Dear Baby S,
Today we hit 38 Weeks... (More on that after our doctor appointment tomorrow)... I believe that August 17, 2011 would be a PERFECT birthday ;)wink wink;) Seriously, it's a great number, even one of daddy's favorite numbers... He wore the number 17 for baseball!! That would be fitting as well because one of the "set's" for your newborn sessions is a Yankees theme!! (Of course)... As if it isn't hard enough already to rip your daddy away from anything to do with sports, I have a feeling that I will be in double trouble with you as his partner in crime... Now back to 8*17*11, I think that tonight/tomorrow is FABULOUS for you to make an appearance!! Mommy is having a hard time doing, well, pretty much everything... I am 99% positive that today was my last day of work (bittersweet)... I'm just done, I hurt and am very very tired!!... And lastly man oh man these contractions are getting Paaaretty intense!!.. Last night I had them for about 5-6 hours straight but never got any closer than 8 minutes... Today was a little better but I can feel that you want to come out too, so COME JOIN THE PARTY LITTLE MAN!!.. We love you and I will see you soon (very soon) okay?!
8*17*11.. OKAY thanks love!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Best Baby Daddy EVER!!

You see a long time ago I was at a Bridal Shower and while there I was maybe 3 months pregnant.. There were about three other pregnant women there and the topic obviously got brought up... Among the ladies there happened to be a female doctor there whom started talking about different things she sees in the hospital... At first it was funny and then I started thinking YIKES she's kind of picky and THEN I started getting mad and wanted to say EXCUSE ME have you ever been pregnant or even have a child?!?! As my pregnancy has gone on, obviously almost 38 weeks now, I get soooo mad thinking about this "girl"... Some of the things that she really talked about was how "mad" she gets when females go into the hospital in labor and have not 1. Shaved or 2. Gotten their toes painted... I am particularly urked because now I am paranoid at these things... For real hardest task of the day: Shaving yikes I can barely see my toes, let alone reach the base of my legs!!... Painting my toenails: COMPLETELY out of the question... I have stayed up to date on pedi's but was holding off because I wanted to get one closer to my due date (Which I did this past Friday)... SOOOOo last week when I had a doctor's appointment I looked down and OH NO JACKED UP toenails... But NO FEAR... Why? Because I have the best husband/Baby Daddy because he said no problem!! I got you!!...
Oops!!... How do you work this wand?!

How do they NOT get it on the skin?!

Okay, I got it...

TA DA!!!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

37 Weeks...

THIRTY SEVEN WEEEEEEEEKS... I don't believe it!! Congrats little man, WE MADE IT!!... You are now considered full term!! Although I guess technically you were already considered full term like 2 weeks ago!! Little big man, we can't wait to meet you!! We are secretly hoping that it is sooner than later... We know that you will come on your own will but man oh man this last week has been one of wishing, hoping, pleading you out... We tell you every night "Little Baby S, We love you so much & it is okay to come out, we want to meet you oh so much"... We also talk to your "big brother" Ziggy about you... He is ready to meet you, always so curious about all of your gear... He may be jealous of you at first but give him a chance, he is going to be your guard cat!! Anyways, Mommy is trying very, very, very hard to stay positive but these last few weeks are pretty brutal!!... And quite frankly the waiting game is absolutely miserable!! We love you little man!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

4 to go:)

Weeks that is... That's right 36 weeks is here & on its way out... What did 36 bring us?! Well some up and down things... We had our growth ultrasound and the technician had me FREAKING out... According to her at that time I could give birth to Baby S like yesterday... YIKES!! All of his measurements ranked him at 37 1/2 to 38 weeks... YEAH, scroll back up, I am only 36 weeks... So with the measurements I had some questions... What does this mean? Do you think they will induce me? Is he really that large?... Among her responses: "Definitely will see you again to check on his size", "Sweetheart, there are babies in the nursery right now that are smaller than the baby in you", "One word: Epidural"... SOOOoooo after we left I was very anxious/excited/emotional/nervous/happy/SCARED!!... Then I had to return to the doctors that afternoon to start my actual weekly appointments. AND did the doctor CERTAINLY burst my bubble... She claims that he isn't "that big" that on a normal scale he is in between average & too big... Sooo ladies & gents I think little man is planning on staying the remainder of is stay & probably will then decide to overcook!! Seeing how he looks EXACTLY like his daddy, he will probably like being overcooked & continue to put on the pounds to at least match his daddy's birth weight of 10-4!!... Anywho regardless, some other things that have happened this week is the fact that I am seriously having a hard time getting around... For real I am having a hard time standing and when I sit back down it takes about a full minute to adjust to the weight in front of me... He is head down but don't be fooled, he has not dropped nor have I started dialating yet!!.. I am 50% at this point though?!... One more tidbit: I am REALLLLLLY going to miss feeling this incredible movement inside of me!!.. It is so intense and although sometimes it is uncomfortable & painful, I LOVE every second of it... I love that Shawn love this too... It is the best sound in the world to listen to Shawn as Baby S moves & grooves beneath his hands!!.. Sometimes it is a giggle or two and sometimes it is a "WHOA" and then another giggle!!.. Love it and I love both of these men in my life with all of my heart... Anywho... Here is Baby S inside & out!!