Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Absolutely ridiculous that it was Christmas time when I posted last. Here is to getting back on track starting with Spring and summer adventures. You have obviously changed by leaps and bounds since my last post. But this has got to be one of my favorite recent videos of you. You are so observant and are a total sponge. Seriously, you see something one time and recite it 10 days later. Your connections throughout your day to day life are so outrageous that daddy and I giggle and remain in a constant baffle because where did you come from my boy!?... You love to read, always have but seriously you and books are bffs!!.. You have always looked at books by yourself but you have started to read to yourself and to us. I also need to catch you in the act of singing your nursery rhymes, because meeewooly, meeewooly, meeewooly is too much to handle (Row, row your boat). But for now keep telling your stories my baby!! Seriously the last part, tugs at my heart... I have always, ALWAYS rocked you to sleep at night... Daddy occasionally does, but that night night time has always been our time. For you to pick out the Mama rocky in the book?! That tells me that you also cherishes those last few minutes of each night. Read on big boy, but stop growing so fast please!!