Sunday, February 26, 2012


Logan loves his Pop so much... This picture melts my heart and I know that Logan will always cherish it... Love, thoughts and prayers:) Hopefully Pop will get taken off of the ventillator today!!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Five MONTHS (....ish)

This is incredibly too late... But to say that this past month has been a wreck would be an understatement... Shawn's father is still battling his recovery from his heart attack in January.. Our days are mostly spent going through the motions of work, hospital, sleep (ish) & repeat... Of course all of that is filled in with loving on our sweet sweet baby boy.. We cherish each second we get with our little man and will NEVER take any of those seconds for granted... That was ever so punched into our hearts as we stood by a family that we have become extremely close to, say goodbye to a loved one way too soon. That family is in our thoughts and prayers forever... Sooo to say this has been a tough, struggling month is DEFINITELY an understatement... But as we fight on we can't help but say WHERE HAS OUR BABY GONE?!?! This little guy is growing so fast and we are in the passenger seat.. He lights up our life in a way that we never knew possible... It is impossible not to light up when he is in your presence... Does he has fussy times, absolutely but they are far and few in between... This little guy smiles at every moment.. I hear on a daily basis: "I don't think I have ever seeen a baby smile more than him", "Is he ever NOT smiling".. ETC. I'm serious he is one smiley dude!!
As for his stats: Weight: 19lbs 3oz Height: I'm horrible and am not sure:( Diapers: Daytime: 3 Nighttime: 3 (going on 4) Clothes: 6-12 months & 9months with the occasional large 3-6
Likes: FOOOOOOOOOD: He is a greedy little fella and loooooves to eat.. He had only been on real food besides cereal for about two weeks when I quickly had to bump him to two feedings a day and I have a feeling that it will very quickly change to three.. Bananas, Sweet Potatoes and Avocado are his all time favorites.. Squash (yellow & butternut) & carrots seem to upset his little tummy but he does better with them in the morning than at night.. Blueberries are the first that he seems to have a little reaction to, meaning his face breaks out for the day.. SO I guess those are a no go for a little while!!.. All of his other food falls in the middle: Green Beans, Peas, Lima Beans, Apples... I am in dire need of making a more variety of food for him this weekend... He loves to sit He loves his friends He loves smiling (smilings his favorite) He loves mommy & daddy He loved his hooky day with Nanny & Poppy Dislikes: His bottles (he would rather have food and is way too noisy to drink when others are around) The time directly after his bath (always has) He loves to hate going to sleep!! There you have it... A month late (seeing how we are going today to get his 6 months pictures today!!) but that is our sweet man wrapped up at Five months...

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Logantales: Hospital Edition...

This past week has been a rollercoaster... Shawn's dad had a heart attack last Sunday.. He is doing okay but has a very long, struggling road ahead of him... So on top of our normal chaos Shawn took the week off of work and has been with his dad day & night... I have been visiting on my lunch break and then bringing the baby up after school... I know the thought of the baby at the hospital is a little creepy... BUT it is a specialty heart hospital and extremely, extremely clean, not in the whole sterile way but this heart hospital is where it is at!! Anyways, what does a baby do when in a hospital room where he brightens the mood?? He learns new sounds of course!! That makes him over the top cuteness!!