Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Too Many Toys... Everything gets a lick..

We had a sick day today.. After going back to the doctors, with the same results... Not in lungs or ears THANKFULLY.. Yet too young for any type of medication.. But little man is still pretty pathetic.. Soo we had a little overstimulation going on to make the boy happy or a couple of minutes, somewhere other than my arms that is.. This lead to attacking everything with a fresh lick.. Wash, Clorox, Sanitize, REPEAT.. Get these germs out of here..

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Logantales: Croup Edition...

I consider us lucky... Logan has been in childcare for three months and so far he had a mild cold and a stomach bug.. BUT we had to bring him to the emergency care because he now has Croup.. It is not a severe case but pathetic just the same.. I'm frustrated because I feel like it could have been prevented... BUT you live, learn and move on!! I love this little boy and it breaks my heart that he is in any pain.. Here is his pathetic little voice: Please get better little man!!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Logantales: Daddy Skype Edition:)

I was looking through the pictures and videos on my phone today and came across a total gem that I forgot to post way back in December... From when Logan & I were in New York... I love it and think it captures their relationship so well!!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

A New Passing of Time...

Daddy and Logan LOVE to read books... I love to watch them read books:)

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Logan Tales: Shots Edition!

Shots are no fun.. I myself hate shots.. Logan must take after his father because this round of shots he literally whimpered during and after the shot in each leg.. BUT we have definitely developed a pattern.. About five hours after shots little man is in PAIN.. Talk about break your heart.. At one point he stopped shrieking looked up at me with those tear stained baby blues and started immediately shrieking again.. I couldn't take it.. I am putting this boy in a bubble because I will NOT have a very hard time dealing with anything that hurts this little man... It also appears that his shots give him a fever that usually starts about 12 hours later.. His is on his third dose of Tylenol since last night to try and keep it down.. Thankfully it hasn't been above 100.5 but I still don't like it.. But I am going to let Logan tell you in his own words how he feels about it... **Some official stats** Weight: 16lbs 9oz (72 percentile) Height: 26 Inches (76 percentile) Head: (Shawn's pretty excited) 16.9cm (68 pecentile!!) **Some other 4 months facts I forgot to share** You are pretty much exclusively in 6 months clothing.. But can still fit in some 3-6... I really hope you stop going up in size because your spring wardrobe is definitely all 6-12 months.. Good thing Nannie and Poppie will be in Florida next month.. That means weekend visits and a hopefully outcome of your spring clothes not being a total waste!! NOW I need to go and give you a surplus of snuggles... I hate the fact of you not feeling good BUT I do love giving myself an excuse of being able to snuggle you 24/7 literally!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Four Months.. What?!

Four Months old little man FOUR MONTHS!!!.. Where is the time going?!.. You are absolutely the light of our lives (and many other peoples as well!)... This past month was very exciting for you.. You had many "firsts".. You had your first airplane ride.. You did amazing.. I was a little nervous because daddy didn't come with us.. On the way up to New York it was early morning so you basically slept the whole way.. On the way back it was a little bit of a different story.. We had an evening flight and that has come to be your fussy time.. But all in all you were amazing!! You also met your cousins, aunts and uncles on mommy's side for the first time.. Everyone was extremely obsessed with you!! You loved spending time with all of your family but I must say you 100% missed daddy after about two days without him... When we came back the way you looked at him was heart breaking! You could not stop staring, giggling, and smiling at him.. But along with that you did not let your mommy OR daddy out of your sight at all times for about 2 days... While in New York you experienced your first snow!! I only have a picture of you in the car with the snow swirling through the window (sorry).. You had your first Christmas, YOU LOVED IT.. Santa brought you a few gifts because we didn't ask him for much because we didn't think you would really be into it.. Let me tell you what!!.. You studied each package/wrapping paper/present/toy and then would reach for the prize on the inside!! You had your first cold:(.. That really isn't much fun, the nasal saline spray and the nasal aspirator SNOT SUCKER, just isn't a good time!! For the first time ever I had to use diaper rash cream on your tiny hiney!!.. Another first: This is the first time you have finished a Zantac bottle and I haven't had it refilled.. For like two weeks it has been awesome, do you still spit up Yes but for the most part it is not a lot and it doesn't seem to cause you pain.. Now I do have a little fear that you may have to go back on it because the last two days seem to have been rough on your little body and you seem to be back in some pain after a bottle:( You have started the grueling teething process and so far they aren't brutally painful just a little uncomfortable (at least from what I am witnessing).. We are trying to help you with All Natural Teething tablets and a homeopathic gel..
Now for your stats: Weight: 17 pounds even (although we will know exactly on friday) Diapers: Pampers Swaddlers (Daytime): Size 2 Pampers Dry (Night time): Size 3 Bottles: 5 oz every three to four hours Food: Just starting rice cereal at night Sleep: (For the most part) 9:30p.m.-5:00a.m. and then will go back to sleep until we wake you for school Likes: Your Swing, Your new kick and play piano, Your Jumperoo, snuggling with your lovies, Bathy time, Anything with lights or noise, pacis, eating your fists, Teething Tablets, Daddy's beat boxing... Dislikes: The frog on your kick and play mat (You get so mad that you can't get it to your mouth), Not being able to sit up from a lying position, Not being able to stand on your own (slow down little man), The trumpet noise dada makes with his mouth and hands.. You seriously spaz and get so upset when he makes the motion/noise!!, You do not like that fact that Nannie & Poppie are back in the computer and not with you :(, If your hungry you don't know why a bottle is not in your mouth immediately..
We Love you Soooo much and can't even stand the fact that you are growing up so quickly.. We love you with all that we are!!!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy 2012...

We can't wait for the new adventures that 2012 will bring us!! Thanks for keeping up with us from learning about baby s to the fun, exciting, new adventures as parents! As we continue to watch our little man grow I know if we blink he is going to be too grown too fast.. Here's to a wonderful 2012!!