Thursday, July 16, 2009

Like a Child Christmas Morn!...

So today started the 30 days countdown to my wedding. Kind of freaks me out a bit and reminds me how much I still need to do. So as if that wasn't enough last week my phone broke(after dropping it in the sink while I brushed my teeth) and then mysteriously started to work again. It wasn't my favorite thing in the world so my heart was not broken when I was told that I should get a new phone. So today my mom and I headed to Watertown and I totally had my heart set on a Verizon EnV2 touchscreen phone. I am so not a "blackberry" girl but I started playing with the Blackberry Storm and COMPLETELY fell in love!! Then it was pointed out that it was the same price as the original phone that I wanted.... I have not put it down since getting it and I get so excited when anything is sent to my phone... My mom says that I am acting like a teenager that is getting a new gadget for the first time!!, Oh well it is keeping my mind off of the next 30 days, oops is that good or bad?!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Last Stop!

We know pronounce them husband and wife!!... One of my greatest friends from college Julie Becraft married her love Nicholas Cooper. This was our last stop on our trip and it was an amazing wedding and long weekend. On June 27, 2009 Nick and Julie got married in Geneva, NY and the reception was right on the lake on a gorgeous Winery. We got to spend the weekend with friends we don't usually get to spend time with and it was an absolute blast. That is really all I am going to say and let the pictures explain the rest!!

These girls get me through life!!

Tara & Brett @ the Rehearsal Dinner

Lauren & Erick @ the Rehearsal Dinner

She likes to keep it "Gangsta" and love T.O.

He realized it was about to be Game Over!!

The resident makeup artist

The become ONE!!

Quite possibly the best videographer EVER!!

We love us some Leon!!.. It had been too long!

First dance as Hubby & Wifey!!

She is not nice!!

And she got it back!!!

Shawn & the Bride love each other...

Tara & I like to keep it real...

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Chapin's Country Market

One night we took a cruise to visit with one of dad's long time and best friend's Chapin. He has recently within (I think) the last year has opened up a country store that has EVERYTHING in it, including amazing subs and ice cream... We took a trip over for dinner and ice cream and not one bite of either went to waste!!

Dad with Black Raspberry as usual!!

Amos with a little chocolate chip!

Shawn decided that the chocolate cookie brownie fudge was too good to pass up sooo we turned it into a sundae!! It was a beast!!

Mmm can't wait for some more in August!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Makayla Graduated!!!

Another fun festivity that happened while we were in New York was Makayla graduated from Kindergarten!!! I can't believe that she is actually to the point of being a First Grader!! I still remember my first trip down to Sarasota Florida to see the new bundle of joy in February 2003!! I just can not get over the fact that she is growing into a very sophisticated, lovely little girl. We love her so much and are so proud of her and all of her accomplishment's. We were even more excited to have been able to share the special day with her!!

The picture below cracks me up because this is when Makayla spotted Shawn. She swears to god that she had no idea that he was going to be there!! This has got to be the best capture of a moment!! I love it!!


I finally have some time to catch up a little bit. We did so much while we were up in New York last month but I am going to start from the beginning which started the day after we got up there! It all started on Saturday when my girls threw me an amazing Bridal Shower themed: Black, White and a Little Something Blue. It was absolutely gorgeous and was held at my parents summer home right on the river. It was a little cloudy but we were definitely in great company and boy was I showered! We received so many wonderful things from the people that are closest to our hearts! Just being with everyone once again definitely made us realize how much we miss being "home". I am still working on my thank you cards, so I hope nobody is upset for not receiving one yet because I am trying to get caught up! So THANK YOU to everyone... We can NOT WAIT for August 15th which is rapidly approaching us.