Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Well we made it little one!!... We are now in the last week of the 2nd Trimester!!.. You are getting so big and we love it... You have begun kicking/punching/stretching in two completely different spots at the same time... I never know where the jiggle is going to be!! Nannie has pointed out that she can't tell what the fruits/veggies are... (We will be nice & not poke fun) BUT this week's picture is a head of Cauliflower (more for your weight and not length!!).. Last week was a "Hothouse Cucumber?!".. These strange little foods are coming up because The Bump (where I was getting photos from) just isn't cutting it for me... They have had you as an Eggplant for like 4 weeks now... No thanks!!

The 27th week has brought some new things into our lives... The number one best thing ever a POOL (at Grandma's house) is all set to be enjoyed... And did you and I ever enjoy it... This past weekend it was heaven to float in that things hours on end.. Seriously heaven.. All that pressure you are bringing me completely disappears when we are afloat!!... I have also realized that there are very few (by few I mean NONE) days that I can make it without either a Sonic Grape Slushee or a McDonald's Strawberry Banana Smoothie.. You and I pretty much live on those things... I for one don't want to know the sugar content but all that matters is they make the two of us happy... I know this because you kick(punch,stretch,move) after the first sip!!... Another must have these days is CEREAL.. Any cereal really we were hooked on Multigrain Cheerios and Raisin Bran Crunch for a while, BUT Sunday night I NEEDED some Apple Jacks (or so I thought)... Daddy brought us to the store but once I was in there I couldn't decide SO on our counter right now we have our choice of: Multigrain Cheerios, Raisin Bran Crunch, Apple Jacks, Special K with Berries, Reese's Puffs, & Cookie Crisp!!... Hey don't judge there could be worse things!!:).. Oh and the last thing Daddy painted your nursery today and it looks AWWWWWMAZING!!.. Seriously just amazing!.. He rocked out his skills and I love it.. We hope you do too!!

Keep growing big and strong we love you oh so much!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

26 Weeks!!

Wow!!!.. We have ONE more week left in the second trimester!!.. Although I am starting to feel pregnant forever, I still feel like this is going extremely fast!!.. This week has been better on me than last!! I am not as tired as I was last week!!.. We are in the middle of transitioning to new classes at work so today was a little strenuous... As in I realize now that I did WAY too much and that my body just can't take it anymore... As I predicted when I left work, after my 30 minute car ride home, I literally could barely get out of my car... Back pain beyond belief, Major belly pressure, ciatic nerve (causing me to gimp around with a hunchback), and my first preggo Kankles, YIKES!!... But I took a warm bath, a couple tylenol and the belly pressure & kankles are officially gone... Hopefully my bed & sleep will take care of the other two... On other terms, Baby S is doing UNBELIEVABLE!!

He is getting so big, literally, so big!!... Almost reaching that 2 pound mark!!.. He is getting long and definitely running out of room in this mama!! I am trying very hard to pack on the lbs for him but it just is NOT happening!! I thought it was last week my total poundage from original weigh in was up to 10 pounds! (Six of those gained in just the one week, yikes!!) BUT then out of no where lost them again... Total weight gain: 7 pounds!! Something I like about this, I can really feel and see him moving... It is beyond words to describe this... I LOVE it!! I always catch myself staring at my stomach as it shakes and shimmies!! I will never forget the feeling!! Can't wait to meet this little man!! We love him oh so much!!

*Notice "blue" choices in the photos... We have made our choice but will wait until our final product before sharing!!*
**PPS the bassinet mentioned below made its final arrival today!!! LOVE IT**

Monday, May 23, 2011

DROOOOL... Out of my mouth!!

Back before Shawn & I were married we did the whole registry thing.. AKA pain in the behind!!.. We registered online with Crate & Barrel. While paroozing on their site I realized that they also have a sister baby store.... DING DING DING, I am a sucker for anything cutesy, babyish ANYTHING!!.. I would spend hours just looking at sites... I can say that this became worse after we got married and tried for the amount of time we did for the sweet baby angel growing now... I honestly think that I spent more time surfing baby sites than wedding sites... Which may have been the reason I let the Bonster take the lead in most wedding plans!! From one of my very first sites aka the whole sister store to Crate & Barrel, LAND OF NOD, I found the first thing I knew I HAD to have when I became pregnant... It was my one and only splurge for Baby S but there was no way I was not getting this.. No WAY!!.. So I had to wait for perfect timing... Which with my previous financial troubles were a little problematic (ie. credit being stolen)... BUT guess what?! This weekend was the time!!... I ordered my 3 year obsession!! And I hope I stop drooling over it at some point.. Probably highly unlikely especially when I see that sweet baby boy doing his own drooling snug as a bug in the bassinett!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Mini Craft Session...

Still tired... BUT I am way too uncomfortable to stay in one position for too long... On top of that I am starting to randomly clean and tidy up the house at random times throughout the day... Hmm nesting maybe?!.. Anyways I took on a little craft project... Tara & Brett got us a sign that we love for Christmas and I wasn't able to find the perfect spot for it, until a lightbulb went off... Our diplomas have been completely off-centered for ohhh like four months... We also have a beach photo from 3 years ago that was randomly place on a wall and then a beach picture from last month that my mom took... The problem? They were two different sizes.. My solution? Look Ahead:

Friday, May 20, 2011

25 weeks...

I am starting, scratch that... I am just not interested in posting a blog right now... Although Baby S has been completely 100% perfect this week I just feel run down... Soooo he is the size of an Eggplant, continuing to grow, I feel huge, I am getting more and more uncomfortable but love every moment of it... It has been a long work week... I'm spent, here are the pictures:

Saturday, May 14, 2011

24 Weeks!!

With 24 weeks came my Glucose test... I was extremely, extremely nervous!! I have heard horror stories about #1 the actual test and #2 the outcome of a positive test... I am very nervous around needles (something I have yet to get over even with the shots and bloodwork with pregnancy!!).. I feared that I would have to give myself shots daily.. Not a good time for me... Then after the one hour test they informed me that they would get in touch with me at the beginning of the week... What that meant for me?! Sugar induced weekend for the fear of no more sugar... Thursday night I went to Dairy Queen got a chocolate ice cream sundae with hot fudge AND peanut butter topping and then add on reese's peanut butter cup pieces :) THANK YOU!!... Well Friday the doctor's office called and guess what?! Glucose and Hemoglobin tests came back at perfect levels!! I was pretty ecstatic.. Now detoxing from the high levels of sugar I put into my body!!... As for Sweet Baby S, he is doing fantastic!! He is a very active little guy and daddy and I have thoroughly enjoyed watching my belly start to bounce up and down!!.. He measured perfectly and his heartbeat remains constant in the 140's!! My back pain has eased, so that is exciting!! Little man still wedges himself on my left side, in fact when the doctor was looking for his heartbeat, she found him within one inch of where she started, directly to the left of my belly button!!

This week we have also started zoning in on names.. We don't want to "officially" name him until he is born but our top names aren't a secret!!... We call him all of the names and I personally have found it funny because he responds to one of my favorites the most!! One three weeks left in this trimester!! YIKES that's pretty scary, along with the fact that I made the rest of our doctor appointments all the way up to our due date!! Exciting times!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Short & Sweet 23!!

This week we have hit 23 weeks. I was supposed to have my glucose test on Tuesday BUT it was rescheduled for next week... Just to add to the nerves of it!! Anyways this week just short and sweet: Like a little Mango!!

Some highlights: I have gained ONE pound!! woohooooooo!! I am feeling great (minus the back pain, just need to deal!!)... Little man kicked right through me this week and daddy was able to feel him... That was a HUGE event and very special... He also received his very first sporting equipment from The LaRose's!! Very exciting... Tired & Done!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

How Sweet It Is....

May 1, 2011... A day that will forever be remembered in the lives of Americans... A day that will also always be remembered by our little family of two and a half right now... Last Thursday Baby S' kicks, punches, swooshes, and movements started getting very deliberate and punctuated... All weekend I would yell to Shawn come here quick, put his hand where I could feel the kicking and then wait with a smile on my face.... The result: NOTHING!!... Last night we were just going to bed after a fun filled weekend of a beautiful wedding, planting flowers and spending it with our favorite Nannie & Poppie, and I started feeling the movement... I KNEW that these were the most intense movements yet... SHAWN "right here, just use your palm and push down..." About 30 seconds: NOTHING and then: A great big smile on both of our faces "Is that him?!"... Of course... And then he continued to put on a show for about 5 minutes... Those were some of the best minutes I have witnessed in my entire life... Smiles and giggles turned into smiles with tears... It was amazing... What this made me realize!?... This little man is going to be oh so lucky... Shawn is going to be an amazing AAAAAMAZING daddy... I've known this from the minute I met him long ago BUT REALLLY he is going to be the best... He has so much love, guidance, heart, knowledge, funnies and smiles to give and I believe Baby S will know all of this the second he looks into his daddy's eyes!!... Another thing I realized!?... I may need back up in the delivery room = My husband is going to be a wreck :)