Tuesday, June 9, 2009

South Carolina Wedding Girlie Thingies!!

This past weekend was the beginning of craziness!! As I write this I should technically be sleeping seeing how we are leaving for New York in 4 hours the begin NY wedding festivities including my Bridal Shower and a great friend's wedding in Geneva. Anywho I figured it was one of the only opportunities that I would have to update my life on this page! This past Saturday all of my great friends down here in Columbia, my mom, Vicki Lewis (originally from Ogdensburg) from North Carolina, Julie from Georgia, Kelsey Geary (from Oburg as well) from North Carolina and Lauren from Florida all gathered for my first Bachelorette party on Saturday and then on Sunday for my first (technically second because of my friends from school throwing me a surprise shower) Bridal Shower.

Saturday night our theme was a Bar Crawl... which sounded like a good idea BUT we were done by the fifth bar, well at least I was!! We also had rooms at the Hilton Hotel right downtown.

Sunday was a Bridal Luncheon and I was showered with wonderful people and gifts. I can not thank everybody enough for EVERYTHING they did to successful make me have an amazing time for the whole weekend...

Might I add that Shawn was in Las Vegas for his bachelor party so I definitely needed my mind elsewhere!!