Sunday, February 9, 2014

Mooooom Eatloaf

When we were home in New York for Christmas, Logan had a new experience. He had to sleep in a big boy bed for the first time. He did great.
This led to something that I have been dreading since, well forever! Ugh, Logan has always been a superb sleeper. Unless sick or infrequent nightmares, he has always slept through the night and until 8-9 on the weekends. I had always said that we would never switch the bed until he climbed out, which he never has. Deep breath, home in South Carolina, switch the beds. Logan loved to help rebuild his bed. My first night, DREAD. But guess what?! He slept through the night, never got out of bed. Matter of fact, it has been over a month and still has yet to get out. Like refuses to get out even in the morning unless we come in to get him. It has turned comical. He screams "MOM, MOM, MOMMY, MOM, MOM, MOM, MOM". Shawn thought it would be funny to teach Logan to add some words. So in true Will Ferrell fans form. Shawn appropriately taught Logan to start screaming not just MOM but MOM, MOM, MOM, THE EATLOAF (silent M)MOM... Even though, wake up time has changed to roughly 7, waking up to mini Will is completely hilarious!!

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