Sunday, October 13, 2013

Garnet, Garnet, Garnet, Black.... Friday and SATURDAY

What happens when your father is an Alumnus of a pretty stellar College that has a pretty stellar football team?!.. You get a little guy that wears a LOT of Garnet and Black on Friday's AND Saturday's. No we can't go the true southern style and slap a huge bow on his head like the girlies do, so we have to get creative. He is being trained. Columbia is FULL of Gamecock clothes wearing people, EVERY DAY of the year. Don't worry, Logan points them out, EVERY time he sees someone wearing Garnet or Black, or the symbol or USC or South Carolina. He will try to carry on a conversation with them, letting them know that he also has "Gamecock, too". If he is wearing the attire he does everything but strips to show them the emblem. Enjoy our little Gamecock!!

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